QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring
QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring

QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra - Advanced Blood Sugar , Uric Acid, BMI & Blood Fat Monitoring

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Introducing QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra: A Revolution in Intelligent Health Management

In the ever-evolving sphere of health tech, we present a revolutionary masterpiece, the QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra. A symphony of state-of-the-art technology and impeccable design, this watch is the culmination of extensive research and innovation, driven by a team of scientific research experts focusing on health wearable products.

🌿 Your Personal Health Consultant

Scientific research experts have dedicated their profound knowledge and skills to create a wearable that not only monitors but also educates and advises, becoming a beacon of wisdom on your wrist and ensuring your well-being is always a priority.

*Note: This product is not a medical device and the test results are for reference only and are not intended for any medical use or basis.

Effortless Glucose Monitoring with QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra

Leave the painful, inconvenient finger pricks behind with QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra. Our advanced smartwatch offers a revolutionary, non-invasive approach to monitor blood glucose levels, thanks to its innovative laser sensors. Here's why it stands out:

✔️ Painless Monitoring: Say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional methods. The watch measures blood glucose levels seamlessly, without the need for any needle pricks.

✔️ Convenience: Just wear the watch, and let it do its job. No need to carry around or handle additional equipment like glucometers and strips.

✔️ Continuous Tracking: The watch records your glucose levels throughout the day, providing a more comprehensive view of your body’s glucose trends.

✔️ Real-Time Updates: Monitor your glucose levels in real-time, understanding your body's response to various factors such as food, exercise, stress, and medication.

✔️ Improved Diabetes Management: Gain better control over your health and manage your diabetes more effectively, all in a more comfortable, stress-free way.

*Note: This product is not a medical device and the test results are for reference only and are not intended for any medical use or basis.

Proactive Management for a Healthier Tomorrow
Uric Acid Risk Monitoring

What it does:

  • This feature empowers you to vigilantly assess the risks of elevated uric acid levels. The precise and timely feedback on uric acid levels means you can initiate necessary lifestyle adjustments promptly.


  • Managing and maintaining optimal uric acid levels can prevent the onset of several health issues, such as gout, kidney stones, and other serious health conditions. Early detection and management of elevated uric acid levels mean a lower risk of developing these conditions.

How it Empowers You:

  • By offering real-time insights and alerts on your uric acid levels, QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra facilitates informed decision-making about dietary and lifestyle choices. This proactive approach in managing uric acid levels can significantly contribute to enhanced quality of life and preventive healthcare.
Empowering Your Journey to Optimal Health
Blood Lipid Trend Monitoring

What it does:

  • The QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra smartwatch equips you with the technology to keep regular tabs on your blood lipid levels, allowing for consistent monitoring and immediate feedback on the changes in blood lipid trends.


  • Understanding your blood lipid levels is crucial in preventing cardiovascular diseases and managing overall health. Regular monitoring allows for immediate lifestyle and dietary modifications, which can significantly impact long-term health and well-being.

How it Empowers You:

  • Having immediate access to this crucial health information enables proactive management of cardiovascular health, allowing for timely interventions, lifestyle modifications, and informed dietary choices, ultimately leading to a healthier and more balanced life.
ECG Electrocardiogram Test

What It Does:

  • Utilizes superior sensor technology to capture precise ECG waveforms, rivalling the accuracy of hospital-based equipment.


  • Provides clinical-quality insights into your cardiovascular health, allowing for prompt detection and management of irregularities.


  • Enriches your understanding of your heart’s rhythms and behaviors, enabling you to live with confidence and assurance in your cardiovascular health.
Navigate Your Wellness with Precision and Ease
24/7 Blood Pressure Monitoring

What it does:

  • QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra, utilizing the globally recognized PWTT (Pulse Wave Transit Time) algorithm, bestows the convenience of monitoring blood pressure at any given time, directly from your wrist. It’s designed to provide quick and reliable readings, allowing for immediate feedback on your blood pressure levels.


  • Regular blood pressure monitoring can aid in the early detection of cardiovascular issues and other related health conditions, allowing for timely intervention and management. It encourages a proactive approach to cardiovascular wellness and overall health management.

How it Empowers You:

  • Knowledge is power, and having instantaneous access to your blood pressure levels equips you with the knowledge to make informed lifestyle and health choices. This continuous monitoring facilitates a deeper understanding and connection with your body, leading to more conscious and health-oriented decisions.


  • The provided readings are intended for reference only and should not be utilized as a basis for medical diagnosis or treatment. Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for any medical concerns or diagnoses.
Professional Technical Innovation

Guided by the beacon of groundbreaking health technology, our cadre of renowned scientific research experts relentlessly pushes the boundaries in the research and development of intelligent health wearable products. This is the arena where revolutionary conceptions intertwine with precise engineering, bringing to life unprecedented technological advancements in wearable health solutions.

Our resolve is steadfast, our journey—unyielding. We are on a mission to deliver the zenith of scientifically validated health innovations, ushering in a new era where optimal health is not a mere aspiration but a way of life.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us; traverse the fusion of pioneering technology and elite health management with our innovative wearable, QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra.

Health First, Always with QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra

Experience Comprehensive Care with QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra. Equipped with high performing sensors for real-time temperature tracking, and integrated with daily graphical representations, it's your on-the-go health monitor.

Should a preset threshold for fever or heart rate be reached, an alert is sounded for immediate attention. Share your vital statistics with up to three loved ones or medical professionals through the online care feature.

From recording steps, sleep, and exercise with a 3-axis motion sensor to offering over 30 essential functions, this smartwatch transcends conventional capabilities to assist you daily. It's not just a watch; it's a lifeline.

Discover and Address Sleep Issues with Ease!

Enhance Your Slumber with QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra! Poor sleep can be a gateway to numerous health challenges.

Our advanced watch helps you unravel the mysteries of your sleep patterns, tracking everything from light to deep sleep stages, and even interruptions.

Understanding these factors enables you to take control of your sleep quality, leading to healthier, happier mornings.

Enhanced Lifestyle and Health Functions
  • Wireless Charging:
    Experience the convenience of untethered charging, enhancing usability and ensuring your QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra is always ready when you are.
  • Multi-sport Mode:
    Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, or love to swim, QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra adapts to your preferred sports activities, providing accurate and relevant data to optimize your workouts.
  • Remote Care & Sleep Monitoring:
    Gain insights into your sleep patterns and quality, and share real-time health data with your healthcare provider for personalized care and advice.
  • Body Temperature Monitoring:
    Regular monitoring of body temperature enables early detection of infections or illnesses, allowing for timely medical intervention.
Crafted with Precision and Care!

The QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra marries elegance with comfort, designed to suit every individual's taste. Choose from six style options including soft TPU straps, luxurious faux leather, or sophisticated metal.

This watch mimics the intuitive swipe gestures of a smartphone in an ultra-slim 0.39-inch (10mm) case, perfect for both men and women. With straps fitting wrists up to 11 inches (28 cm), and a quick charging cable included, we've ensured that convenience and style go hand in hand.

Experience Cutting-Edge Visuals with Enhanced Display Technology!

Embrace Modern Visualization with the Innovator's Enhanced Display!

The Innovator takes visual experience to new heights with its larger 1.9-inch retina display area, expanding your field of vision and ensuring readability.

With a boosted resolution of 68,160 pixels, every image comes alive in sharp, clear detail.

Personalize your watch with free downloadable screen themes. Tailor the clock face to your preferences and make it a unique extension of your style.

With the QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra, your health watch isn't just a tool; it's a faithful companion that reflects your individuality every day.

Meet Your Trustworthy Everyday Companion!

With its sleek design, state-of-the-art features, and intuitive interface, the Innovator is more than just a watch; it's your everyday companion.

Whether tracking your health metrics, keeping you connected with loved ones, or even guiding you through your day with various smart functions, the Innovator stands by your side, making life simpler and healthier.

Experience the seamless integration of technology and lifestyle with a device that truly understands you.


European Innovation for a Healthier You!

The QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra is a product of international collaboration, harnessing the best engineering to create a watch that's more than a timepiece—it's a health companion. Developed in Europe and designed with global audiences in mind, it's perfect for both male and female cardiology patients who seek a comprehensive overview of their well-being.

*Please note that while the watch offers extensive measurement capabilities, it is not intended as a medical device or a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your healthcare provider for proper care and treatment.

Choose QUANTYVO™ VitalSpectra for a transformative approach to health monitoring. It's where cutting-edge technology seamlessly blends with your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.


Both, you can change the metrics from the APP.

No, there are no other fees involved.

Switch the watch to the blood sugar interface to enter blood sugar monitoring, and the data can be updated to the APP synchronously.

*Note: The test results are for reference only and cannot be used as medical data.

The Care Plus 2 watch is designed to help people with diabetes monitor their blood glucose levels. Instead of using a traditional glucose meter that requires a blood sample, the Care Plus 2 measures glucose levels through your skin'snatural moisture.The watch has special sensors that use light to scan the blood vessels in your wrist. These sensors can detect changes in the amount of light that is reflected back, which indicates the level of glucose in your blood. It uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the data it collects and gives you a report of your glucose level, which can help you manage your diabetes.

*Please note: This product is not a medical device and the test results are for reference only and are not intended for any medical use or basis.

Device requirements:

  • iOS 9.0 and above
  • Android 4.4 and above
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is supported.

Because our product is a new generation of electrode heart rate testing products, heart rate and HRV reports from the bioelectrical analysis of the human body have certain requirements on the conductivity. When the human skin is relatively dry, the contact skin needs to be hardened Or wet with water in order to reach the test conditions.(Similar to the hospitals ECG test will be applied to the measurement site ''coupling agent'').

Access the ECG interface on the watch settings. Open the APP and browse to the ECG feature. Press and hold the side electrode key on the ECG test interface to make the bottom two electrode pads and the side electrode key fully contact the skin for testing. The test report needs to be viewed in the APP.

Yes, you can share the health monitoring data directly from the APP.

Yes, the Care Plus 2 is IP67 waterproof, so you can wear it while cleaning your hands or working without worrying about damage. However, DON'T wear it while swimming or diving!

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Customer Reviews

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Carlos V

Love my QUANTYVO VitalSpectra! The uric acid monitoring feature is so unique and really helps me keep my gout in check.

Jürgen Schmidt

I got this watch for myself, and the ECG feature is just amazing! It’s so fascinating to see real-time data about my heart health.

Aisha P

I bought VitalSpectra for my mom, and she loves how easy it is to monitor her glucose levels without any painful pricks. It's given her peace of mind and helped her manage her diabetes better.

Omar J.

Good value for the price. Accurate readings and a pretty decent fitness tracker too. Just wish it had more color options.

Lisa N.

Absolutely love the VitalSpectra! Finally, a smartwatch that keeps up with my active lifestyle and keeps track of my health without the fuss.

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