QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023
QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023

QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 - New Model 2023

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✅New Medical Grade ECG

✅Monitor EKG, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Blood Oxygen 24/7

✅7 Health measurements with Artificial Intelligence

✅IP67 Water Proof

✅Extended Battery Life

💖Life Saver on Your Wrist

QUANTYVO™ Care Pro 2 - Latest Version of our successful CARE PRO smart health watch

Stay ahead in your fitness journey with our cutting-edge health smartwatch. Precision, technology, and design harmoniously blended to deliver essential health insights to the palm of your hand.

Pioneering OSRAM Sensors

Our watches come equipped with the next-generation OSRAM sensors, offering a 14% increased spectral range and, for the first time, introducing a 7x Fresnel lens for optimal accuracy. Experience a revised ECG technique offering utmost precision.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Increased Accuracy: The combination of a wider spectral range and 7x Fresnel lens ensures that your health data is highly accurate.
  • Advanced ECG: Refined ECG technique with maximum accuracy. A high sample rate of 512Hz for detailed heart analysis.
  • Health Data Share: Share your vital health data with your doctor or print it at a touch of a button.
Improved Health Monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring: Advanced sleep analysis with REM sleep stages and a unique sleep apnea alarm feature.
  • Early Disease Detection: The inclusion of a Lorenz chart for long-term HRV ensures early disease detection.

Extraordinary Technology with A Touch of AI

With technology from the leading company Maxim Integrated Products Inc. in California, your QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 smartwatch is more than a timepiece; it's a personal health companion.

With AI-driven technology, we've made it effortless for you to visualize your blood pressure on your wrist. Synchronization with devices such as smartphones and tablets is fully automatic, eliminating the need for separate ECG and blood pressure documentation.

Unrivaled Precision At Your Wrist

The QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2, houses the latest multi-oximeter sensor utilizing SFH2201. This sensor, in combination with seven times larger Fresnel lenses, offers an unprecedented accuracy.

Developed by the German company OSRAM at their site in Regensburg, the sensors analyze the blood flow in the first millimeters of the wrist skin with light waves up to 750 nanometers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Doug Graham
My watch

I like it well enough,but the steps seem to be out.my wife’s garmin has less steps than mine even when we walk the same distance.Is there any way I can adjust the stride?other than that I think it is a fine watch.

Great smartwatch!

Great smartwatch. Arrived fast and no issues with the package. The health trackers are working really well. Happy with my purchase. Recommend it to anyone who wants a great looking smartwatch that is packed with health tracking features.

Logan S.
Love the sleek design

Love the sleek design and all the health tracking capabilities. It's like having a personal health assistant on your wrist!

Mary P.

As someone with heart concerns, the Lorenz HRV chart has been invaluable. The CARE Pro 2 has become my go-to device for heart rate monitoring

Chris H.

A fantastic smartwatch, but I wish the battery life lasted a little longer on heavy usage. Still, the features offered are beyond impressive.

A Complete Solution for Blood Pressure & ECG Monitoring

Enjoy a fully automatic body temperature monitoring using the integrated high performance sensor. Set up individual alarm functions that alert you when pre-set thresholds are crossed, ensuring you stay ahead of potential health risks.

Revolutionizing Personal Health with World-Class Features:

✅ Comprehensive 24-Hour Monitoring: Blood pressure and heart rate with calibratable sensor
✅ Advanced Heart Analysis: ECG capability to identify 13 different heart conditions
✅ Efficient Medication Support: Includes stopwatch, timer, and alarm clock
✅ Comprehensive Sleep Insights: Detects sleep apnea, measures REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, and tracks blood oxygen levels
✅ In-depth Wellness Tracking: Monitors skin and body temperature and offers a Lorenz HRV chart for heart rate variability
✅ Women's Health Partner: Provides menstruation and fertility analysis
✅ State-of-the-Art OSRAM Sensor: Equipped with 7 x Fresnel lines for precise readings
✅ Heart Rate Measurement: Comes with a specialized heart rate alarm
✅ Long-Lasting Performance: Battery life of 4 to 7 days
✅ Durability You Can Trust: IP68 water resistance
✅ Plus Additional Features: Including message reception, daily health charts, and more

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with the QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2, leading the world in health promotion and technology integration!


✅ The guiding principle of the QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 health watch is: enhanced health with artificial intelligence. This is ensured by the 'Max86176' from Maxim Integrated of California, USA. It offers three electrodes with a total sampling frequency of 512 Hertz - guaranteeing precise and high-level readings.

✅ Using artificial intelligence, the app diagram scans for 13 abnormalities, providing an excellent foundation for your next consultation with your cardiologist. With a simple touch, the diagram can be sent directly to him via email or WhatsApp.

✅ The watch displays your most recent readings. We recommend using our new app for a more comprehensive view of your health. Within the app, you will find a summary of all measurements, a static evaluation, various diagrams, and statistics. These values can also be shared with your doctor via the app, providing your general practitioner or cardiologist with valuable information to tailor the best possible treatment for you.

✅ In the new QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2, the sensors are integrated twice, ensuring double the precision. The watch now possesses six light sources and uniquely features seven OSRAM Fresnel lenses for focusing the light.

✅ Experience unrivalled sharpness with 57,600 pixels in the IPS display: our Pro guarantees a razor-sharp image with the highest visibility - even in bright sunlight on the display.

QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO - A Vision for a Healthier Future

European Innovation for a Healthier You!

The QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 is a product of international collaboration, harnessing the best of German engineering to create a watch that's more than a timepiece—it's a health companion.

Developed in Europe and designed with global audiences in mind, it's perfect for both male and female cardiology patients who seek a comprehensive overview of their well-being.

*Please note that while the watch offers extensive measurement capabilities, it is not intended as a medical device or a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your healthcare provider for proper care and treatment.

Choose QUANTYVO™ CARE PRO 2 for a transformative approach to health monitoring. It's where cutting-edge technology seamlessly blends with your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Your Health Advocate

✅ Calibratable blood pressure sensor
✅ 24-hour blood pressure + heart rate monitoring
✅ ECG with disease analysis - 13 identifiable heart conditions
✅ Medication intake reminders
✅ Skin and body temperature tracking
✅ Lorenz HRV chart for heart rate variability
✅ Menstruation & fertility analysis
✅ OSRAM sensor with 7 x Fresnel lines
✅ Heart rate measurement with alarm
✅ Sleep apnea & blood oxygen tracking
✅ REM sleep phase tracking
✅ Battery life: 4 to 7 days
✅ IP68 water resistance
✅ Additional features: Message reception, daily charts, and more.

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Important Usage Information for QUANTYVO Smartwatch:

  • General Health Monitoring:

-This product is not intended as a medical device. Any data provided should be used for reference only and not for clinical diagnosis.

-Users under 18, or individuals diagnosed with certain types of arrhythmia, should refrain from using this product.

  • Blood Pressure Measurement:

-Please read the instructions carefully before using the blood pressure function.

-In cases of arrhythmia, blood pressure measurement may lead to inaccuracies.

-This product measures radial blood pressure at the wrist. Conditions such as high blood viscosity, poor circulation, vascular sclerosis, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension may result in measurement errors.

-During measurement, align the wrist with the heart.

-Refrain from vigorous exercise, talking, or moving around 5-10 minutes before measurement.

  • Water Resistance:

-Suitable for shallow water activities like swimming in pools but not for prolonged water exposure.

-Avoid hot showers, hot springs, saunas, platform dives, high-pressure rinsing, and activities involving high water pressure, high temperatures, humidity, or fast-flowing water.

-Not suitable for scuba or technical dives.

-Rinse with fresh water after using in ocean water.

-Leather and metal straps are not recommended for swimming or heavy sweating. Alternative straps are suggested for these scenarios.

-Water resistance is not permanent and may decrease over time with daily wear and tear.

Note: This product is designed for optimal performance within the mentioned guidelines. Proper handling and awareness of these instructions will ensure a satisfying and lasting experience.

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